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Embrace the Adventure of Learning Danish!


Dive into a learning journey that won't break the bank. Choose a single lesson to start or save big with a package—it’s a simple, sweet deal.


WE ALWAYS recommend buying a trial-

or a single lesson AS YOUR FIRST PURCHASE. 



Trial lesson (30 minutes)


At just DKK 75, meet your educator, explore our lively teaching style, and, get a taste of the 'Danish on Roids' experience. We’re all about constructive feedback and ensuring you have a solid foundation to build upon.

DKK. 75,- 



Beginners Course, "Danish on Roids" (55 minutes.)


Embark on a 20-lesson adventure that’s both fun and impactful. With a huge dash of grammar and a solid sprinkle of active usage, you’re on the road to mastering Danish.

Recommended at DKK 3750 for the full program, with options to join lesson-by-lesson or in sets of 10.

Please check out description and lesson plan here  Danish On Roids

Single lesson. DKK. 229,-

10 lessons  DKK. 2000,-

20 lessons (full program) DKK. 3750,- 



Single lesson  (55 minutes.) 

Already have some Danish under your belt? Let’s polish it with text analysis, engaging conversations, cultural insights and grammar refinement. Choose the pace and package that suits you! with good dynamic in the lessons, and they are never fully predictable!

Single lesson   DKK.  229,-

10 lessons       DKK. 2000,-

20 lessons       DKK. 3750,- 



Business course  (55 minutes.) 

Navigating the Danish corporate or medical scene requires more than just linguistic aptitude. Our course is tailored to imbue you with both professional communication skills and a rich understanding of Danish workplace culture.


From boardroom discussions and patient consultations to casual cantina chatters and banter, learn to interact effortlessly and respectfully.


Enjoy flexible cancellation and the option to share lessons among three colleagues, making it a collaborative and enriching experience

Business lessons are also more flexible in terms of cancellation. A lesson can be cancelled 6 (instead of 12) hours prior to lesson start at no cost.

Single lesson   DKK.      449,-

10 lessons       DKK.    4.199,-

20 lessons       DKK.    7.999,- 

50 lessons       DKK.  17.999,-

(50 lessons can be shared

between up to 3 students.)  


All our packages come with a 6-month validity from the date of purchase, with each full lesson lasting 55 minutes of engaging learning.

Should you change your mind, we offer a full refund within 14 days of purchase, provided none of the lessons have been utilized.


Refunds will be processed to the original source of payment, with the timeframe ranging from 7 to 60 days depending on the country and prevailing circumstances. Please note, this refund policy does not apply to business lessons.


Your commitment is vital for progress, hence, missed lessons will not void payment. We sincerely encourage punctual attendance!


Need more details? Drop your queries in the contact form below and expect a swift response from us!

We're right here, should you have a question!

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