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Our prices

Our prices are moderate, and our discount

system is simple.

Simply grab a trial or -single lesson,

or buy a package and save big. 

WE ALWAYS recommend buying a trial-

or a single lesson AS YOUR FIRST PURCHASE. 




Trial lesson.

See for yourself, if we are all we promise to be!

You will meet your teacher, and experience

our didactics, methodology and light atmosphere first hand.

If you are a beginner, we start from zero and introduce you to 'Danish on Roids.'

Else we will establish your level fast, and that is exactly where we start.

We will always give you constructive feedback in the end of the lesson. The duration of the lesson is 30 minutes, but sometimes a bit longer!

DKK. 75,- 



Beginners Course, per lesson.

Also called 'Danish on Roids.'

A twenty lesson plan, that will set you on a path to a very good Danish. 

It's a fun and constructive program, that really will push you forward. Covering a lot of Danish grammar, and using it actively.

Please check out description and lesson plan here  Danish On Roids

We recommend lessons twice a week for best results.

Single lesson. DKK. 219,-

10 lessons  DKK. 2000,-

20 lessons (full program) DKK. 3750,- 



Single lesson  (55 min.) 

For you who already speak some Danish.
We work with text, pictures, having conversations, grammar, and we pinpoint and work with specifics, that can better your Danish. There is a good dynamic in the lessons, and they are never fully predictable!

Single lesson DKK. 219,-

10 lessons  DKK. 2000,-

20 lessons  DKK. 3750,- 



Business course  (55 min.) 

Learn to communicate effectively and with ease in Danish. And get a far better understanding of Danish culture in and out of work.
This course will address many of the situations taking place in a company.
From lunch in the cantina to marketing, sales, 
it-department and procurement.
We will also work with grammar and pronunciation.
Business lessons are also more flexible in terms of cancellation. A lesson can be cancelled 6 (instead of 12) hours prior to lesson start at no cost.


Single lesson. DKK. 299,-

10 lessons  DKK. 2899,-

20 lessons  DKK. 5499,- 

50 lessons  DKK. 12999,-

(50 lessons can be shared

between up to 3 students.)  

All packages are valid 6 months from purchase. 

A full lesson is 55 minutes.


All packages can be refunded for a full refund within 14 days of purchase, but only if any of the lessons haven't been used. Refund to same source as payment received.

Expect payment from 7 days to 60 days depending of country of original payment and general circumstances.

Not applicable for business lessons.

Student not attending  a lesson will not void payment.

So please attend!

Need more info? Use the contact form below, we'll get

back to you real fast!

You have a question, or ready to book a lesson?

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