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Learn Danish...

We can help you learn Danish fast. Our online lessons

are one on one, and always personal, structured 

and to the point.

Always with a good balance between grammar and conversation/reading. Always with positive energy

making it fun, and a lot less stressful, to learn.


We create a virtual classroom by sharing our screen

intelligently, and creating an effective setting for your learning acquisition.

In every lesson, we go back and actively use what was presented in the previous lesson. This is very effective for optimal learning, and we do value your time.

A good learning environment is vital. To feel welcome and comfortable is essential to the results of the lesson.

We know this, and every teacher has a professional background in teaching adults.


We welcome and embrace mistakes. We actually see them as the building blocks of learning. So don't be shy, give it your best, we will always support you.


Everyone learns differently. Structured as our Danish lessons are, they still leave room for an individual approach. 

We will create your very personal Google Doc for you, so you will have the teacher's and your own notes at hand whenever you need it; on mobile and computer.

Always ready to be reviewed when you have time and opportunity.

All study materials are provided by us free of charge.

A lesson is 55 minutes, enough time for you to learn and speak a lot, and still have energy left to live your

life to the fullest!

Study when you can. No transport, no commitment to a certain schedule or frequency.  

Between lessons, homework will be offered to you.

Expect to use from 15 to 30 minutes on these.

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